The format, delivery and content are excellent. You have obviously invested many hours into development, and the real-world examples from extensive experience add heaps. I’ve already utilised what I learned
— Wentworth City Council

ISO 31000 Risk Management Training Course

About this course

A practical and engaging program suited to anyone looking to lift their game in Risk Management. This training has been developed by industry-leading experts and is based on global standards and best practices. Our Risk Management course includes recent developments in risk management.

Providing you with a broad range of skills, techniques and templates, this training will enable you to develop an easy-to-maintain, comprehensive and user-friendly Risk Management framework. Learn how to protect your organisation by means of feasible preventative controls and impact-reducing response procedures. In fact, during the course, you will actually create part of your organisation’s risk matrix, a feature that our clients consider to be excellent take-away value.

If you’re keen to tap into the world’s best hands-on techniques for Risk Management, as well as certify your skills, join this program and obtain global certification with included ISO 31000 exam.


  • Learn about various Risk Assessment methodologies based on best practice case studies

  • Understand how to integrate risk management into everyday processes and create a ‘risk culture’

  • Learn how to simplify Risk Management documentation such as risk registers and risk matrices, and identify requirements for Risk Management tools

  • Receive expert guidance whilst documenting parts of an actual risk matrix during the course

Course inclusions

2-day classroom face-to-face course in a small group (at most 14 participants)

  • Master level ISO 31000 Risk Management certified consultant trainer

  • ISO 31000 Risk Management certification exam

  • ISO 31000 Risk Management certification with the PECB

  • Printed handouts, course materials and templates

  • A preparation exam

  • Interactive discussions with Business As Usual’s experts and fellow course participants

  • All-day catering

Key topics

  • Approaches, methods and techniques used for Risk Management implementation and ongoing management

  • The correlation between ISO 31000 and other standards and regulatory frameworks

  • Risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation and risk treatment options

  • Negotiating risk appetite levels related to compliance risk, financial risk, innovation risk, operational risk and other types of risk that are specific to your organisation

  • Overcoming the challenges of creating awareness, buy-in and engagement in Risk Management across your organisation

Who Should attend

  • Anyone directly or indirectly involved in Risk Management processes or projects – in any industry, and in any size organisation

  • Organisations seeking well-founded and justifiable risk mitigation measures.

  • Anyone seeking to understand how to implement RM or aiming for a career in this globally growing field

  • Anyone working in Risk, Security, Supply Chain, Business Continuity or related management processes seeking to expand their knowledge on Risk Management 

    Note: There are no prerequisites for this course

ISO 31000 Certification


The ISO 31000 certification exam and personal certification are included in the course program. ISO 31000 is the internationally acclaimed standard for Risk Management. After passing the exam, you will receive lifetime ISO 31000 Foundation level certification.

We are proud to report that 99% of our course delegates have passed the exam and obtained this certification. The exam has a one-hour duration and is an open book assessment with open-style questions. Register for the course today and join our growing alumni of certified graduates!

ISO 31000
Lead Risk Manager

We also offer the ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager course. If you’re experienced and ready for the next step, this could be a great option for you.

The Foundation level certification is not required before the Lead Risk Manager exam. This advanced option includes additional self-study and a personal coaching session before the classroom course. 

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