“In the field of Risk Management, Business As Usual is amongst the most influential parties in the world. BAU is able to identify the core of any business process challenges, and as a result reduce complexity and achieve simple and user-friendly solutions.”
— Delft University of Technology

Risk Management Consulting

About this service

We are experts in Risk Management and have completed over 200 consulting projects across five continents, since 2006. The standards we use to guide our RM consulting include ISO 31000, AS4360 and more than a dozen central bank standards across risk, continuity and security.

Framework & Implementation

Is your organisation lacking a true risk culture, with only a handful of staff actually engaged in the process with any level of enthusiasm? Do you have an impressive risk register and a fully populated Risk Management tool? And are these assets constantly outdated, leaving you to chase colleagues to maintain them? It’s a common challenge for many of our clients when they come to us–the world over. 

More often than not, Risk Management is perceived as a show stopper–an (un)necessary evil that limits the business and its innovations from freely moving forward. At Business As Usual we assist organisations to understand that Risk Management is actually a true enabler of confidently growing their organisation, its products, technologies and its potential value. We take comfort in knowing that our car brakes will work when necessary, and it’s this confidence that allows us to drive faster. This same philosophy applies with proper Risk Management.  

Our tried and tested world-class templates include a practical risk matrix and an interactive tool to capture all risk requirements and mitigation measures across your organisation. We handhold your risk management facilitators and other key staff to be fully empowered to use your new templates, tailored specifically to your environment, and to work during an incident in the least disruptive manner possible. 

Executive briefings & awareness sessions

Being in business means taking risk. If top management doesn’t understand its own appetite for risk, or doesn’t communicate this across the organisation, then there’s a significant increase in the probability of over-investing or under-investing in mitigation measures and controls. 

We workshop risk appetite with boards and executive teams to identify their own thresholds and objectives in relation to operational, financial, technological, compliance, innovation and other types of risk.

Translating these findings into hands-on criteria for middle management and staff, we assist clients to understand their organisation’s capacity to absorb certain losses and failures, and the limitations to their risk appetite.

Assessments & Gap analyses

Many industries and organisations are under direct or indirect Risk Management compliance requirements from clients, insurers and regulators. 

Our team of certified experts conduct gap analyses and benchmarking exercises, and both internal and external audits based on ISO, SOC2, APRA and other relevant standards and regulations..

One of the benefits of our internal pre-audit assessments is a capability statement that’s specific to your organisation. You’ll receive prioritised action points for improving your RM process prior to an external audit and enjoy the confidence that our comprehensive approach leaves no stone unturned.  


Business As Usual’s Risk Management workshops is second to none. They really brought out the challenging topics and made the process of decision-making simple. I would recommend BAU to any party wanting to enhance its Risk Management capability
— Central Bank of Bangladesh

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