On behalf of ANSTO’s incident management, business resilience planners and executives, I would like to thank BAU for their professional and informative consultancy services. BAU did an amazing job facilitating an in-house training course! The tailored Crisis Management exercise was very engaging.
— Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

Business Continuity Consulting

About this service

We are experts in Business Continuity and have completed over 200 projects and more than 100 disaster simulation exercises, across five continents, since 2006. The standards we utilise to guide our BCM consulting include ISO 22301, the APRA standards and guidelines on BCM (CPS232, SPS232, GPS222, APS232), HB221/292, BS25999, AS/NZS 5050), ITIL SCM and COBIT DS4/DSS4.

Framework & Implementation

Have you ever actually made the time to put together a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your organisation? Perhaps you do have a plan, however in our experience it’s probably collecting dust on a shelf, and in desperate need of review.

Many organisations face the problem of having a false sense of security caused by an out-of-date BCP, containing hundreds of pages of complicated content and instructions. Whilst being ‘incident ready’ is the actual purpose of the plan, this tends to be far from reality in most workplaces. 

Rest assured, it doesn’t have to be that way. Business As Usual has assisted organisations just like yours with revamping their recovery and response procedures into a dynamic, easy-to-follow framework. Our templates come with practical procedures and simple, handy checklists—including Quick Reference Cards—that are easy to maintain and easy to activate when you need them most.  

Our world-class templates are tailored to your environment and we handhold your BCP facilitators and other key staff to be fully empowered to use them and work through a disruptive incident in the least disruptive manner possible. 

 Our implementation plans are designed to build capacity in your organisation. While being taken through our professional training, your team will have the opportunity to add ISO certification to their own CV.

Disaster simulations & Awareness workshops

Our advanced techniques facilitate engaging and realistic rehearsals, disaster recovery tests and exercises to ensure optimal learning by all participants and create awareness and buy-in across your organisation.

Our innovative approach includes ‘sticky note’ workshops and  simulation exercises using the latest audio-visual tools, bringing the tested scenarios to life without actually impacting on your live operations. 

We have conducted disaster drills and Crisis Management exercises across all sectors, including government, education, utilities, retail, manufacturing, technology, finance and banking, transport and professional services, as well as other industries. 

Your team will learn through engagement and participation as we integrate realistic challenges and situations into common scenarios, ensuring that your organisation is best prepared for an event.

Assessments & Gap analyses

Many organisations are under direct or indirect compliance requirements from clients, insurers and regulators. 

Our team of certified experts conducts gap analyses and benchmarking exercises, as well as internal and external audits based on ISO, APRA and other standards and regulations that may be applicable to your organisation and industry.

The benefit of our internal pre-audit assessments is a capability statement that’s specific to your organisation. You’ll receive prioritised action points for improving your BCM process prior to an external audit and enjoy the confidence that our comprehensive approach leaves no stone unturned.  


We actually had to activate the BCP that Business As Usual helped us build, and it worked! Particularly helpful were the staff notification plan and the pre-agreed priorities, which ensured that all employees were concentrating on the right actions when a security incident prevented access to our branches.
— Finance Trust Bank

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